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Customer Stories: Anthony K.

Customer Stories: Anthony K.

Sandland Editorial Team
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It’s been estimated that upwards of 20 percent of Americans have experimented with natural remedies for help falling asleep. Anthony, a real Sandland user, happens to be one of them.

A Sandland Sleep Success Story

Anthony lives in Colorado and is what we could call an “ultra” marathon runner. He participates in events that demand he run upwards of 24 miles in a single day, which you’d think would be enough to knock anyone out by the time they hit the sheets. Unfortunately for him, that’s not always the case. 

Anthony is also somewhat of a biohacker, spending much of time balancing his everyday routines with diet and exercise to achieve the best racing performance possible. Of course, sleep is a big part of that equation. It’s also the one component that you can’t exactly control. 


It’s not that Anthony has a hard time sleeping through the night – he doesn’t. Once he’s out, he can generally stay asleep until morning. But, similar to a growing percentage of American adults, Anthony has a hard time falling asleep once the lights go out. 

In attempts to remedy these instances of disrupted sleep, Anthony turned to Sandland Sleep. On the first night of use, with the help of our Sleep Set, which contains both our Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep products, he was able to secure 4% more sleep efficiency than usual. While that might sound modest, for someone like Anthony who was already biohacking his routine for more optimal sleep, the results were impressive.

sleep aids

Our products are safe, fast-acting and effective. Made from naturally derived top-graded hemp extract and enhanced with melatonin, our supplements can get you the eight hours of sleep you need without any intoxicating effects. 

At this rate, Anthony is on track to achieve roughly 20 more minutes of sleep a night, or over two hours of sleep per week. Anthony is currently testing out a 30 day supply of our products and is doing an extensive personal study. Check back to learn more about his journey!

Written by Sandland Editorial Team

Our internal editorial team has put together research on key topics including product formulation, efficacy studies, and sleep advice.

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