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Deep Sleep

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Active Natural Sleep Formula
Lemon Balm
Chamomile Flower
Valerian Root

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Our products are vegan and never tested on animals.


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Sleep help without the hangover.

Sandland aims to get your body the sleep it needs without giving you a chemical hangover the next day. Our products can be taken daily, and over time, they will help you to sleep better naturally. Our mission is to help you sleep better and retrain your ability to get unaided sleep.


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NyQuil Fall Asleep Perscribed Rx
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Protein to Aid Absorption.

Instead of synthetic materials, we use natural protein derived from hemp seed to act as the natural dispersing agent. This is important because the body will digest and absorb the active ingredients more willingly when delivered in a protein.


Natural dispersion during digestion

Final location of manufacturing

Orange County