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Fall Asleep

Patch Active Sleep Ingredients

Transdermal patches, simply apply before bed and enjoy all-night sleep with no hangover.

How to Use

Made in the USA

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Lasts all night

Fast acting and long lasting so you can get the sleep you need.


Clinically tested ingredients.

Melatonin and hemp extract


Vegan & Cruelty-free

Kind to all


Fit for athletes, made for everyone


Grown in Gainsville, Georgia


GMP Certified Facilities


Low-dose Melatonin


Clean source


Loren Ipsum


Loren Ipsum

Why Sandland?

Fall Asleep vs. other sleep aids.

100% Melatonin Sandland Prescription Sedatives
Never drowsy
Non-habit forming
Fast acting

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How it works?

Glad you asked... Directions for use are included on each Sandland package but since you're here....

If you are taking a Fall Asleep, Under-Tongue Tab, place one or two tablets under your tongue 15 minutes before bedtime. The tablet dissolves quickly and takes effect in minutes.

If you are taking a Stay Asleep, Time Release Pill... please take one or two pills with 8 Oz of water and swallow the pills whole. The pills will take effect in about an hour and last throughout the evening leaving you feeling refreshed in the morning.

If you are new to Sandland Sleep products please start with one dose first then decide if two doses are right for you.

How do you deliver my order?

Glad you asked... All Sandland products are shipped via UPS or USPS. You order can be tracked using the confirmation email sent you on your day of purchase. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at customer.service@sandlandsleep.com

How does the formulation work?

Our formulation is the same across both products, but with a couple of key differences based on your needs. Fall Asleep absorbs under your tongue, the fastest way to get into your body. Stay Asleep absorbs through your digestive system, so we upped the dosage size to make sure you still get the optimal effect.

In terms of this works in your body, first the micro-dosage of Melatonin signals to your neurotransmitters that it's time to go to bed. The peppermint and terpenes will work at the early stages as well, with specially selected aromas accompanying you and helping to provide light aromatherapy. Finally, our key ingredient, CBN will kick in. It helps provide a unique sense of calm, washing away any tension and calming your whole body so you can naturally drift into sleep.

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