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Sleep Set +Melatonin

Active Natural Formula
Valerian Root

Working together to naturally calm the senses and reduce anxiety to induce lasting deep sleep.

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Melatonin and our natural ingredients are widely recognized by experts and have been vetted in studies around the world.


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Fit for athletes, made for everyone


Real ingredients,
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Valerian Root

Function: Works with melatonin to induce sleep faster and achieve deeper sleep

How: By naturally stimulating GABA production in the body to promote more, and deeper sleep.

Melatonin (3 mg)

Function: Signals when it’s time to sleep and wake up.

How: A small serving of melatonin helps provide a signal to the brain that it's time to go to bed.


Function: Helps your body reach a state of relaxation.

How: Natural magnesium specifically focuses on reducing stress which helps your mind let go and sleep longer.


Function: Helps to calm the nerves and actively reduce feelings of anxiety.

How: This amino acid naturally found in tea leaves will initiate sleep brain waves safely by inducing deep calm and relaxation.


For deep sleep all night long

Combine our Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep products for a full 8 hrs of sleep. Start with 1-2 Stay Asleep tablets an hour before bed, then, about 15 mins before you want to go to sleep, take 1-2 Fall Asleep tablets.

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Our Ingredients

Naturally better together.

Sandland aims induce a state of calm so that the body can rest, recharge and sleep uninterrupted with the use of only safe, non-habit forming ingredients.


Does it work?

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Good Sleep Guarantee

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Tried, Tested, Proven

Not by “third-party” labs, but by real people like you.

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Why Sandland?

How we compare

Generic Melatonin Sleep Set Perscribed Rx
Fast acting
Good Sleep Guarantee
Habit Forming

Protein to Aid Absorption.

Instead of synthetic materials, we use natural protein derived from hemp seed to act as the natural dispersing agent. This is important because the body will digest and absorb the active ingredients more willingly when delivered in a protein.


Natural dispersion during digestion

Final location of manufacturing

Orange County, CA

Clean sleep for bright mornings.

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Fall Asleep

Drift off within 15 minutes. Lasts 3 hours.

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Bedtime Patch

Transdermal patch for long lasting sleep.

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Stay Asleep

Get 8 blissful hours of restorative rest.

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Unwind Sleep Vapor Rub

Take a deep breath and relax even deeper.

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Don’t need the full set? Try just one.

Fall Asleep +Melatonin
puts you asleep in mins
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Stay Asleep +Melatonin
kicks in an hour later to keep you asleep for 8 full hours
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Have questions?

What are the directions for using Sleep Set?

Glad you asked... Directions for use are included on each Sandland package but since you're here....

If you are taking a Fall Asleep, Under-Tongue Tab, place one or two tablets under your tongue 15 minutes before bedtime. The tablet dissolves quickly and takes effect in minutes.

If you are taking a Stay Asleep, Time Release Pill... please take one or two pills with 8 Oz of water and swallow the pills whole. The pills will take effect in about an hour and last throughout the evening leaving you feeling refreshed in the morning.

If you are new to Sandland Sleep products please start with one dose first then decide if two doses are right for you.

How do you deliver my order?

Glad you asked... All Sandland products are shipped via USPS. Your order can be tracked using the confirmation email sent to you on the day you purchase. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at customer.service@sandlandsleep.com. Please note, our shipping facility is on the West Coast, orders on the East Coast will likely take 1-2 more days than normal.