Embrace clean sleep.
Wake up rested.

Learn more about how Sandland is putting bad sleep to bed.

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Reinventing sleep.
But how?

Embrace clean sleep and wake up rested.

Our premium, all-natural formulas leverage the power of plant-based ingredients, including hemp, valerian root, magnesium, and L-theanine, to restore your body’s ability to slumber, without any high or hangover in the morning. Unlike many over-the-counter sleep-aids, Sandland helps solve your sleep problems –– not them worse. In fact, taking Sandland nightly can help restore your body's natural circadian rhythm. The result? No more need for counting sheep, just zzzz's.

Real ingredients.


Valerian Root

Works to induce sleep faster and achieve deeper sleep.

How: By naturally stimulating GABA production in the body to promote more, and deeper sleep.



Helps relieve stress and calm the mind.

How: Stabilizes mood and promotes relaxation. It also helps regulate healthy melatonin production.



Helps calm the nerves and actively reduce feelings of anxiety.

How: This amino acid naturally found in tea leaves will initiate sleep brain waves safely by inducing deep calm and relaxation.



A natural signal to begin the sleep cycle

How: Melatonin is naturally produced by our bodies to signal it's time to go to sleep, our doses of melatonin are minimal to provide a nudge but not overwhelm our systems with more of the ingredient.


Hemp Seed Protein

Excipient Package for Digestion

How: An ideal natural replacement for synthetic fillers used in most pills. It helps the body digest the active natural components of our ingestibles.

How it works.


Why you’re so tired

Our bodies have a widespread system of receptors that regulate critical functions like mood, appetite, pain, and, of course, sleep.


How does hemp help?

Natural compounds within the hemp plant, have a unique ability to bind to these receptors and deliver a range of plant-based benefits. Of all the cannabinoids naturally produced in the plant, our ingredient has been proven to be particularly effective in promoting sleep. Sandland sleep products have an optimized formulation that allows you to get good ZZZ’s.


We’re cruelty free

Safe and effective. Naturally derived from top-graded hemp. Never tested on sheep or any other animals.


Fall Asleep: How it works

First, melatonin sends a signal that it's time to sleep. Then peppermint releases calming aromatherapy properties as hemp-extract begins to soothe, so you can reliably fall asleep.


Stay Asleep: How it works

Sandland is formulated to stimulate your body's natural functions to induce a state of relaxation. The result? Clean, hangover-free sleep from one night to the next.

3 pillars of health.