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Sleep Set Hemp

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Working together to naturally calm the senses and reduce anxiety to induce lasting deep sleep.

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Made in the USA

Subscribers get 20% off Sandland, plus peace of mind knowing they’ll have more when they need it.


Reset your Sleep Clock

Taking Sandland nightly, for 2 weeks, can reset your circadian rhythm.


Clinically Tested Ingredients.

Our natural ingredients are widely recognized by experts and have been vetted in studies around the world.


Vegan & Cruelty-Free

All natural ingredients, backed by years of usage across the world. No animal-testing.


Fit for athletes, made for everyone


For deep sleep all night long

Combine our Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep products for a full 8 hrs of sleep. Start with 1-2 Stay Asleep tablets an hour before bed, then, about 15 mins before you want to go to sleep, take 1-2 Fall Asleep tablets.

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Our Ingredients

Naturally Better Together.

Sandland aims induce a state of calm so that the body can rest, recharge and sleep uninterrupted with the use of only safe, non-habit forming ingredients.


Is there a guarantee?

Meet the 30-Day
Good Sleep Guarantee

If you don't start sleeping better after trying Sandland, simply let us know and we'll happily refund you -- our products are that effective!


Tried, Tested, Proven.

Not by “third-party” labs, but by real people like you.

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Why Sandland?

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NyQuil Sleep Set Prescribed Rx
Fast acting
Good Sleep Guarantee
Habit Forming

Fall Asleep Routine

Sleep 1-2-3

Start by winding down

Give your body time to wind down, no more blue light from phones or tv screens for at least 30 minutes before you try to start sleeping.

Take before bed

First take Stay Asleep, to allow for absorption in your digestive system. Fall Asleep should come next, it will kick in after 20 minutes, we advise you take it right before bed.

Let restfulness wash over you

Lay back, close your eyes and let it gently carry you off to sleep. Sandland's formulations are not chemically sedative, they will calm your senses and provide a soft and natural state of mind to sleep.


Protein to Aid Absorption.

Instead of synthetic materials, we use natural protein derived from hemp seed to act as the natural dispersing agent. This is important because the body will digest and absorb the active ingredients more willingly when delivered in a protein.


Natural dispersion during digestion

Final location of manufacturing

Orange County, CA