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Is it Good to Sleep Without Underwear?

Is it Good to Sleep Without Underwear?

Sandland Editorial Team
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is it good to sleep without underwear

Commando? Or clothed? Folks fall on either side of the fence, and both parties come with some pretty strong convictions. Below, we'll look into the benefits of sleeping without underwear, along with the drawbacks involved. By the time we finish, you'll be well-informed and ready to join the debate.

Benefits of Sleeping Commando

Sure, wearing underwear carries certain benefits, but going commando introduces some unique perks. Check out the list below to learn more about why you might want to ditch your drawers come bedtime.

Increased Comfort

Underwear may come in all different shapes and sizes, but they aren't all designed for comfort. Sleeping without it allows you to avoid any discomfort or irritation the fit and fabric may introduce.

Let's the Body Breathe

Wearing boxers or panties to bed can be especially uncomfortable for individuals with sensitive skin. It also elevates your body temperature, which can increase discomfort.  And that's not all. According to a 2018 study, wearing tight underwear was actually associated with decreased sperm quality. According to the researchers, it's better to keep things light and loose.

Relieves Dampness

Bodies produce moisture. When trapped inside tight and non breathable fabric, it creates a perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth. Skip underwear, and you decrease the odds of irritating your genital region. If you really don't want to go commando, you can always stick to loose-fitting cotton underwear. That at least leaves you a little breathing room.

Soothes Acne

Acne can pop up anywhere on the body, even in the genital zone. Tight underwear, night sweats, poorly picked fabric, and dirty drawers can exacerbate the issue. Going commando may not solve things entirely, but it certainly won't make it worse.

Prevents Yeast Infections

Tighter underwear carries some pretty unfortunate consequences for people with vulvas, one being a yeast infection.  That's because moisture and air can become trapped between the skin and the fabric, allowing yeast to thrive. In such instances, it may be best to ditch the lace underwear for something a little looser.

Can Improve Your Sex Life

The naked body is largely associated with sex. But it's not just about what you see, it's also about what you feel. Flesh to flesh contact also triggers the release of oxytocin or the love hormone, which not only gets you in the mood but helps foster a deeper intimacy between you and your partner. 

Drawbacks of Sleeping Without Underwear

is it good to sleep without underwear

While there are no health risks associated with sleeping in the nude, there are minor inconveniences associated with it. Bodies are, well, leaky. Without a barrier between you and your sheets, you'll probably need to do laundry a little more often.

Before you commit to going commando, however, make sure you're familiar with the fabric of your sheets. Certain synthetic fabrics can irritate people with sensitive skin, and the last thing you want to feel that kind of discomfort is in the underwear zone.

You should also make sure the bedroom will be warm enough to do without the pajamas. Underwear may not provide tons of coverage, but it can help keep you comfortable in cold weather. Once you check all those boxes, you'll be ready to strip down and get into bed.


People rest better when they're comfortable, and different people are comfortable in different environments. Some people snooze better wearing underwear, others do better without it.  Either way, the important thing is to get enough sleep in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Naked or not, sometimes sleep just doesn't come. Remember, insomnia affects 30% of the adult population. And this can introduce a whole host of health problems, accidents, and other unfortunate events that are best to avoid.

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Is it good to sleep commando?

It's up to you really, though going underwear-free introduces some surprising benefits for genital health and male fertility. Other perks include increased comfort and more sex.

Is it better to sleep without underwear for females?

Again, this boils down to a personal decision. It has been suggested that people with vulvar irritation, recurrent yeast, or bacterial infections can benefit from going commando at night. If, however, you prefer to wear underwear to bed, that's totally fine. You'll just want to avoid tight underwear and stick to comfortable cotton undies instead. 

Written by Sandland Editorial Team

Our internal editorial team has put together research on key topics including product formulation, efficacy studies, and sleep advice.

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