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What is Sleep Balm and How Does it Work?

What is Sleep Balm and How Does it Work?

Sandland Editorial Team
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Hope you saved some room on the vanity because sleep balm has officially hit the market. These blends are becoming more popular by the day, having established themselves alongside the face masks, eye creams, and all the other products we prepare before bed. While many are celebrating the addition to their self-care routine, others are left asking... does it actually work? We're curious too, which is why we took a deep dive into the subject. Read on below to learn more about sleep balms and how to use them.

What is Sleep Balm, Really?

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According to the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention, more than one-third of American adults are sleep deprived. Daily stress is a huge contributor, but this pandemic isn't helping either.  Statistics also show that a lot of people turn to sleep aids to get a full night's sleep, sleep balms included. 

To be clear, a balm is an aromatic preparation such as a healing ointment, or, in this case, a sleep aid. They are usually made with a base of different kinds of butter, oils, essential oils, and other active ingredients. Many balms are made for headaches, to help with clear-thinking, reduce stress, relieve pain and inflammation. 

Sleep balms usually contain essential oils known to help induce sleep and relaxation, specifically. Common products you can find usually contain lavender, which is known to help with sleep. Others use bergamot,balsam fir,ginger, and rosemary. Bergamot is mentally uplifting, balsam fir is refreshing, ginger and rosemary reduce stress.

How to Use a Sleep Balm

Balms can be made with a variety of blends, and their effects are solely dependent on the essential oils they contain.  They're also easy to use. You only need to rub a little under your nose, to your temple, or your pulse points. The idea is similar to aromatherapy in that it uses the scents of the essential oils to induce relaxation and put you in the mood to sleep.

Because diffusers and essential oils may be a tad pricey, balms serve as an appealing alternative to getting those relaxing properties without spending a fortune.

4 Amazing Sleep Balms to Use Before Bed

Sleep balms are known to help you unwind, cut tension, and relax. The idea is to prepare you for bed so that when you finally get a chance to lie down, it won’t take too long to drift off to sleep. Listed below are some of the best sleep balms to add to the nightly routine.

Unwind Rub

This sleep vapor rub from Sandland Sleep makes for the perfect addition to your pre-sleep routine. The product combines CBN and essential oils to provide the same kind of calm that natural aromatherapy induces. The product is complete Vegan, with no added GMOs. All ingredients are safe and effective and naturally derived from top-graded hemp extract. If you’re big into the connection between scent and sleep, then this is definitely the right product for you. 

This Works Sleep Balm

If you need a sleep balm that works, look no further. Cheeky naming aside, This Works Sleep Balm is one of the go-to balms for a variety of users. Not only is it certified organic and cruelty-free, but it also contains a blend of lavender, chamomile, and vetiver on a base of coconut oil. Remember, lavender, chamomile, and vetiver are three of the top essential oils that help fight insomnia. 

Badger Sleep Balm

Unlike other products on the market, Badger Sleep Balm can be applied anywhere—your temples, your lips, your chest, your hands. It’s a natural remedy that has a comforting blend of lavender, balsam fir, and bergamot that can help "put you out." 

It's relatively inexpensive at less than 10 bucks per 2 oz tin, which is a great deal for something that can calm, soothe, and relax your senses after a long day.

Badger Sleep Balm is certified organic and has a base of extra virgin olive oil, free of any artificial ingredients.  No fragrances, dyes, parabens, petrolatum, GMOs, or synthetics, so you can be sure you're putting only natural ingredients on your skin.

Kiss the Moon Dream Sleep Balm

Kiss the Moon has a collection of sleep balms for troubled sleepers. This Dream Sleep Balm is specifically formulated for light sleepers to help you enjoy a deeper, more restful night's sleep. It contains a soothing blend of lavender and bergamot to help you get rid of the stress of the day. It's also incredibly easy to use and only requires a small amount per application.


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Sleep balms are naturally helpful in soothing, relaxing, and calming the nerves. To a restless adult struggling with sleep problems, rubbing a little sleep balm under your nose or at your pulse points may just be the answer to helping you drift off to sleep.

That said, sleep balms aren't sleeping pills and they won't necessarily knock you out or even help you fall asleep fast. In that case, you may need additional help.

Sandland Sleep has an entire selection of sleep supplements carefully formulated with natural ingredients. Our goal is to help your body recognize that it is time to sleep without knocking you out like other sleep aids. 

They also come with zero side effects—no high, no grogginess, no headaches.  You get only what you ask for: eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

What does sleep balm do?

Sleep balm typically has essential oils that are meant to relax your mind, nourish your skin, and calm your senses. Functions may depend on the type of blend the balm contains.  Some balms make people sleepy, others help with clear thinking, while others still are refreshing. 

What is the best sleep balm?

There are a lot of available sleep balms on the market, and they all have their unique characteristics.  The best sleep balm will depend on which one works best for you, but we do recommend taking a look at the ingredients.  Balms with lavender essential oil are scientifically proven to help with relaxation and sleep, so many items include lavender. 

Where do you apply night balm?

You can apply night balm to your temples, under your nose, or at your pulse points.  Rub it at your temples for some headache relief to calm things down.  Using it under your nose may have a similar effect to aromatherapy.  Some people like to apply it on their wrists. 

Written by Sandland Editorial Team

Our internal editorial team has put together research on key topics including product formulation, efficacy studies, and sleep advice.

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