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Does Indica Make You Sleepy or Hyper?

Does Indica Make You Sleepy or Hyper?

Sandland Editorial Team
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does indica make you sleepy or tired?

Does Indica make you sleepy or hyper? The answer depends on who you ask, though there is a consensus that certain cannabinoids are more likely to put you to sleep than others, and Indica happens to be one of them. While some strains present higher levels of THC, Indica contains large quantities of CBD, a cannabinoid associated with calming users down and helping them fall asleep. Read on below for more information on Indica and how it can help you fall asleep.

What is Indica?

Cannabis has three subspecies: cannabis Sativa, cannabis Indica, and cannabis Ruderalis. While they all maintain certain similarities, stark differences exist in regards to how they may affect users. Sativa, for instance, is known for helping inspire creative thoughts, enhancing focus, and productivity. Indica, on the other hand, is more recognized for helping users relax and inducing sleepiness, which is what helped the strain earn the nickname: in-da-couch.

Of course, the intensity of these effects depends on your usage, dose, and the THC and CBD (tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol) content of the Indica-based sleep aid you’re using. Sometimes, you’ll also experience side effects alongside its symptoms so check with your doctor to see if it's safe for you to consume it.

Does Indica Make You Sleepy?

why indica makes you sleepy

Since it can deliver a body high, cannabis Indica can work as a sedative and can make you feel sleepy. The intensity of the effects of the strains, however, is highly subjective and is based on the body chemistry of an individual. 

THC levels play an important role. If you’re using a substance with a high percentage of THC, like Sativa, expect some resistance in the form of insomnia or be prepared to deal with a night of restless sleep.

Meanwhile, Indica-dominant strains typically contain more CBD, which can help a person deal with anxiety, loss of appetite, stress, and other intense medical issues. If you’re looking for a solution for restlessness, intense stress, and anxiety, Indica will provide you with more benefits than other cannabis strains.

What Are the Best Indica Strains for Sleep?

Indica is much more than a plant with sedative properties. Indica dominant can also tackle chronic pain, anxiety, and weight loss issues because of its relaxing effects and ability to stimulate one’s appetite 

Some Indica strains are more beneficial than others. Here are three of the most commonly found Indica strains on the market. They can put you to sleep by helping you relax. They also help curb depression, provide pain relief, and tackle appetite and stress-related concerns.

  • Northern Lights

    Made by crossing Afghani with Thai strains, Northern Lights is a pure Indica strain that can have a powerful effect on the body while producing a high. 

    NL, as it is popularly called, is a sedative that delivers relaxing and uplifting effects to the user. Its properties are also known to produce euphoric effects and hallucinogenic effects. 

    In addition, Northern Lights targets chronic pain, depression, lack of appetite, and stress. It’s almost entirely devoid of side effects which is why it's considered one of the best strains in the market today.

  • Kosher Kush

    Kosher Kush is another pure Indica strain. Beware, this intense, dominant strain can knock you out for hours at a stretch. Generally, Kosher Kush is best used at night.

    Kosher Kush is also said to be one of the tastiest Indica strains. It’s commonly used to treat anxiety, chronic pain, muscle spasms, cramping, and stress with its high levels of THC so use this medical drug cautiously.

  • Granddaddy Purple

    Granddaddy Purple, or Granddaddy Purps, was created by mixing the cannabis strains Purple Urkle and Big Bud. This hybrid of Indica and Sativa plants possesses its parent plants’ best qualities as well as their appearance. With its large and thick flowers in distinctive purple shades and red-orange hairs, it may just be one of the most photogenic cannabis strains. 

    Granddaddy Purple is commonly known to give a smooth body high. In addition to its sleep and relaxation benefits, this strain also has the potential to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

What's the Difference Between Indica and  Sativa?

The differences between Indica and Sativa plants can be measured by the following factors:

  • Head High and Body High

    Cannabis sativa strains are known to give a head high while Indica strains are known to provide a body high. They’re both parts of the same genus cannabis but have different effects.

    A calming agent, cannabis Indica has been known to make you feel sleepy by inducing sleepiness versus cannabis Sativa strains which give users an uplifting effect that stimulates and excites and can leave them feeling hyper.

  • Growing Conditions

    One of the differences between Sativa and Indica is the location and climate these two subspecies thrive in. Cannabis indica is indigenous to colder climates while cannabis Sativa, a plant with more uplifting properties, is indigenous to hotter climates closer to the equator. 

  • Taste and Smell

    Indica strains taste and smell earthy and skunky. Meanwhile,  Sativa strains smell sweet like citrus and are spicy. This difference is inspired by naturally occurring chemical compounds found mainly in plants and some animals called terpenes. In addition to the aroma, terpenes can also contribute to flavor and color.

What About Hybrid Cannabis Strains?

hybrid cannabis sleep aid

Thanks to the high demand for cannabis, some growers cultivated hybrids of the cannabis plant to include features from these two strains. The resulting hybrid can put you to sleep, energize you, curb chronic pain and even ease depression. Strains of these hybrid plants are easily accessible in cannabis products and their supplements.

The effects and benefits of these hybrid cannabis strains depend on the qualities they inherit from the plants they were cultivated from. Generally, Indica and Sativa strains are known to make you sleepy, increase appetite, and provide pain relief in addition to their energizing and relaxing effects.

Marijuana and Depression

Depression is a mood disorder often characterized by sadness or "having the blues." Chronic stress can also suppress the brain's production of endocannabinoids which can lead to depression-like behavior. Both instances are often associated with trouble sleeping. Oftentimes, people with depression sleep too often during the day, and not enough at night. Fortunately, marijuana can remedy some of these side effects.

Only individuals over 21 years of age can legally purchase marijuana. Those younger than 21 years old will need a doctor's prescription to purchase cannabis Indica and Sativa dominant products. You’ll then be able to reap the benefits of CBD/CBN, THC, and dominant Indica and Sativa strains.


If you suffer from insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, loss of appetite, or have trouble staying asleep and other medical concerns, Indica can induce sleep, relaxation, and reduce chronic pain. Generally, some strains can have side effects so cross-check any medication with an experienced medical professional before you consume it.

Of course, with so many strains and sleep aids available today, finding the right one can be a challenge. Sandland Sleep provides hemp-based and herbal solutions for those who struggle with sleep and relaxation without the high. Our sublingual products are herbal and fast-acting to help keep you sleeping soundly the entire night.

Does Indica make you energized or tired?

Indica is associated with a body high. Due to its sedative effects, using Indica can make you feel tired and make you sleepy. The extent of its benefits, of course, depends on the dose and the product’s THC, CBN/CBD content.

Does Indica make you lazy?

Cannabis indica induces relaxation. This is also true for the intense effects of the dominant Indica strains. It doesn’t make you lazy but because it produces relaxation and relief, it can make you appear lazy and lull you into a comfortable sleep. 

Which Indica and Sativa strains will put you to sleep?

Among the many medical Indica and Sativa strains that can make you sleepy, Bubba Kush or Hindu Kush are the most effective. They’re usually used by patients who suffer from insomnia. Depending on the level of THC and CBD in the product, these strains can have varying effects. Rest assured, it will help you sleep and provide you with pain relief too. 

Written by Sandland Editorial Team

Our internal editorial team has put together research on key topics including product formulation, efficacy studies, and sleep advice.

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